A new Approach for me – New Year Goals

I’ve never been much of one for New Year Resolutions/Goals. Perhaps because I am always working on improving my health, and unless I resolve to lose weight or compete in a highly athletic event, who really cares about my goals anyway? Or maybe it’s because I tend to view my New Year as my birthday; the coming of a new age, another chapter written in my story, not the story of the entire world. Whatever the reason may be, I can’t remember the last time I set them, or cared to even give them a second thought – until this year that is.

The end of 2013 was unexpected to say the least. I parted ways with a job, maybe even a career, which was my constant. Even though I hadn’t been happy in the role for some time, I didn’t think I would be leaving quite so soon. No matter how much a person may say that they are not their job, if you have been in a role for a significant length of time, you are that job in one way or another. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate it, anything that consumes 45+ hours of your week gives you some sense of an identity.

So there I sat, 27 years old, a recently graduated 4.0 masters’ student, and clueless about where 2014 was going to take me – or better yet, where I was going to take it. But I did know one thing, I had been unhappy with a big part of my life for the past 2+ years, and now I had a blank slate to change it.

As I sat down to write out New Year goals, the word ‘resolutions’ makes me feel like I have been doing something naughty, one word came to mind – Happiness. Whatever my goals were going to be, all I wanted were for them to bring the people around me, as well as myself, unconditional happiness. That may seem unrealistic to some, but to me it is like unconditional love. If you have unconditional love for someone or something, no matter what or how big the bumps in the road may be, the love is bigger. I want the happiness in my life to be bigger than any bump or roadblock that may come my way. Therefore, I decided that I need more than just goals for 2014. I need to compartmentalize my goals and I need big picture goals. For now I have gotten them compartmentalized into Personal, Health, and Career goals; and as I evolve, I want my goals to evolve with me. Stay tuned for 5 and 10 year goals as I see what 2014 and I have in store for one another.

a.wise approach ~ never be too stubborn to step outside if your norm, you never know where it may take you.


2014 1 Year Goals


-Save 5% of my income

-Successfully homebrew Kombucha

-Post in blog 3X/week

-Grow in my relationship with Christ


-Be able to do a (yes, as in 1) pull-up

-Maintain a happy physique

-Achieve a ½ marathon PR

-Complete 5 minutes/day of mindful meditation


-Read 1 career growth book/month

-Teach 1 woman’s health seminar

-Become a contributing author

-Become FDN certified


Inaugural Post

I have envisioned starting this blog for awhile, however, for some reason I haven’t been able to get myself to sit down and write the first post – until today that is. Much thanks to the realization that dawned on me last night.

When I first pictured this blog I pictured a perfectly crafted collage of what has consumed my life, and a good part of my passion, over the past 5 years – learning anything and everything I possibly can about health and wellness. From formal education, a number of certifications, readings upon readings, blog-listening, and experimentation with my own habits, if I was putting my creative and career energy anywhere, I thought that it had to be health related. So of course, if I was going to start a blog, it had to be 100% dedicated to educating everyone about all of the knowledge I had consumed regarding nutrition, movement, and mental health. It just had to be. But then I kept finding myself thinking of topics I wanted to write about just because they made me smile. Such as how much I prefer, hands-down love, writing with a mechanical pencil over any other writing utensil. Or the fact that I have a deep desire to get lost in a good fiction book without the guilt creeping in that I wasn’t reading a book I could then post about later on this perfect blog I had created in my head. Although structured blogs are great, probably even better for getting search results on the internet, I was limiting myself, my desire for this adventure, too much. I was suffocating it before it even started.

This brings you to the new-and-improved, even though not even started before, a.wiseapproach blog. Where I take you through how I, Ashley Wise, approach life. You can guarantee to see posts on health, wellness and the nerdy books I am reading, but hopefully it will be my tale-telling approach on all avenues of life, that keeps you coming back for more.

With that being said, I first want to thank you for taking the time to read my inaugural post. Second, this is an open invitation for suggestions (heavy emphasis on graphic design and blog pizzazz), help (insert stronger emphasis on graphic design and pizzazz here), and blogging coffee or wine dates.

a.wise approach ~ move toward your next adventure with your gut and take the leap.