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Depicted from the view of a 5 year old boy who has never known a space larger than eleven-by-eleven feet, the story of Jack and his mother experiencing the outside world for the first time, in one manner or another, is both heart-aching and exciting. A truly riveting description of an otherwise horrible experience, the reader is satisfied yet left wanting more.

Written For:

The unfortunate, however fortunate, real-life experiences of abducted-and-rescued individuals has sparked the public’s interest in these unfathomable situations. Room provides a glimpse into what these situation may be like, providing the public an insight without having to think about the real-life scenario.

Learning Curve:

Jack and Ma teach the reader that an imagination is all you truly need to learn and entertain yourself in life

a.wise approach: Do not loose your ability to imagine, you’ll be lost in life without it.