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Written after a two year battle from seemingly good health to sick and nearly dead, Tom Martin chronicles his experience with mainstream health care in a well written, dairy-entry style page-turner that captures the reader and has them rooting for Tom every step of the way. It is his undying quest for answers, never-ending hope, and loving support and resources of his friends and family that give Tom the tools to make it into the One Percent class.

Written For…

Anyone who has ever had to deal with unanswered questions from the people who were supposed to know everything. In addition, anyone who is interested in what it takes to be an advocate of your own health and grasp control of a seemingly uncontrollable situation.

Learning Curve…

Don’t trust everything that doctors and medical professionals have to say. Take the time to educate yourself on the situation, on your body, and use it to become your own health advocate. You are the only person who is going to have the loudest voice for yourself.

a.wise approach ~ you are the only one who can speak si yourself, so speak loud and speak often.